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The website is a portal that connects all the resources of the FOSS Community of NSBM to a single place, namely the FOSS NSBM blog, FOSS NSBM forum, FOSS NSBM RSVP website, FOSS NSBM volunteer website. It’s a hub for gaining knowledge about various technologies and interacting with the FOSS Community of NSBM.

The RSVP website which is the main focus of our project is the newest open-source venture by the FOSS Community of NSBM. This project is brought up as an Event Management and Handling platform. In order to register attendees to events, we’ve used Google forms and currently using Typeform. As a result, certain issues may arise and the attendees have to fill in the same kind of information, every single time when registering for events. As it’s a bit of a hassle and a waste of time, we’ve come up with the idea of building an event handling platform to improve the user experience.

Through this website, the users can make their own accounts, and by doing so they can easily register for events organised by FOSS NSBM with a simple button click. It’ll be hassle-free and less time-consuming. What’s more, they can easily find more upcoming events organized by FOSS NSBM (upcoming and past). In addition to that once a user registers for an event through the RSVP website in question, they can add the event to their calendars with a simple click as well. (Google calendar, Apple calendar)

We are hoping to release the RSVP platform as an open-source product after developing it further in a future integration.